My first week at Ellie's Log Website has been a very interesting experience. My boss, Margaret Mellinger, has been very helpful and kind. The first day I left my wallet at my apartment and she bought me lunch. I had the privilege to meet with the author and illustrator, Judith Li (Judy) and M.L. Herring (Peg). We discussed each others background and goals for the project. They both seem to have an unlimited amount of energy. On my last day I was able to once again meet with Micki Reaman. We discussed the possibility of implementing social media into the project. We plan to meet at a later date to discuss the details.

I have created both student and teacher accounts at ellieslog.org and have been focusing on any problems these accounts may have. I just finished a spreadsheet containing information about broken links and other issues. It was a different experience than what I am normally used to, but I feel that I am starting to understand the importance of usability testing.
On my student account, "studentjosh", I have completed activities, posted to the monthly calendar, and started a new topic on the tracking animals/plants forums. I am starting to get a feel for the way the website works.
I have been keeping myself busy by trying to perfect any task I am faced with. I have high hopes for this experience. I cannot wait to start up again next week. I will be meeting Susan McEvoy this upcoming Tuesday. She will be training me to work with Drupal.

As of right now I am completely content with my work and the direction of the project. I cannot wait for more.

So far, so good.

Liza Garhofer

Love the Blog and currently in the process of reading the book! Pictures on this site are great! Love it!


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    Josh Garhofer

    I am a Senior at Oregon State University and I am currently interning at Ellie's Log Website. I love the outdoors and hate standing still.