My second week here at Ellie's Log has been filled with reading, webpage editing (via Drupal), meetings, photos for the OSU magazine, and cake. I met with Susan earlier this week and I have completed my basic training/understanding of the program Drupal. At this current moment, my Drupal skills allow me to fix broken links, adjust certain format issues, and edit images to be displayed correctly. I expect to be more efficient with the program in the coming week.

Micki and I sat down today to talk about the pros and cons of adding social media to the Ellie's Log project. I had originally planned on using Facebook to generate users, but Micki than suggested the possibility of implementing Instagram. Although I am not the biggest fan of Instagram, it may prove useful for displaying interesting photos to both teachers and students while generating users for the Ellie's Log Website.

My work place may seem dull at the moment, but I have big plans to spice up my current arrangement.

Instead of my normal one, I have upgraded to two cups of coffee a day. I find myself needing an extra boost after sitting in my chair for an extended period of time. A cart came around the office offering cake and coffee. Being myself, I gladly accepted the offer. My grandmother (Yeya) taught me to never refuse a food offering.

This upcoming week I will be meeting with the Usability Team and help design simple usability tests for the website. Maybe I can have my younger siblings take part in the test.

Slowly but surely, I am feeling more comfortable with my work at Ellie's Log.

8/7/2013 05:17:50 am

You have all the luck! People bring cake to your workspace?

Liza garhofer
8/7/2013 08:14:21 am

Looking forward to more blog and reading the book! Can adults take the tests too?

11/24/2013 11:22:36 pm

Every organization has some special days which remind them the glorious moments of their great achievements. In the same way here is Drupal, meetings, photos and cakes for celebrating specail moments. The ideas for birthday parties always here so that you have great time on special occasions.


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