I have been spending the last part of this week fine tuning my own useability tests. It was hard to complete the usability intake form, but I feel as if I have finally finished my training on usability. When I would first look at a website I would  see all the aesthetics and think how great the website was. After doing my own research, I have learned that one of the most important aspects of a website is how simple it is to use. Simplicity is key.  We will be meeting with the usability team on September 3rd. Since they actually do this sort of thing for a living, I am assuming I will be able to better refine my skills.

After, and possibly during, the usability tests I will be focusing on creating a video that will help market Ellie's Log. I plan on returning to my home in Seaside this weekend to start my storyboard. Sketching is always more enjoyable when you can hear the ocean hugging the shore.

I have been using OSU's LYNDA account to brush up on my Final Cut Pro 7 abilities. The man on the tutorial is such a goofy guy. He makes the tutorial a lot more tolerable so I appreciate him for that. I am a little rusty when it comes to editing and shooting film. I am prepared to get back into it.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday marked the last of the summer concerts in Central Park, for this summer. They have been very relaxing and I am glad to have lived here this summer just so I could hear them. The Corvallis Community Band ended with songs from Disney's Aladdin; Mango Django ended with "Sweet Georgia Brown". Excellent choices in my opinion.

This upcoming week will really determine how well my research will help the usability tests. I am so excited it almost feels like I am nervous.

Liza G
9/5/2013 02:59:12 pm

Love reading about your week. We miss you and love to read your writings! Keep up the great work!


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